Bio-luminescence Kayaking Tours

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2 1/2 Hour Tours Friday – Sunday 8 pm – 10:30 pm
(Weather Permitting)

Bio-luminescence Kayaking Tours


A kayak adventure to light up the night

Imagine watching a firework show…underwater, from a kayak. That’s the closest description of what bio-luminescence is like. Small critters called dinoflagellates emit a brief (10th of a second) flash of light when the water around them is disturbed. Put billions of these creatures together and you get a light show that is simply amazing.

We meet at a local park (with facilities).  After a short safety briefing and paddling lesson, we launch our kayaks into the Banana River and paddle up to the mouth of a canal.  Beware the flying mullet as we cross a shallow set of shoals on the way!  Once in the canal, things really start to get interesting.  We’ve seen dolphin herding the mullet into schools to feast on, all the while the waters under us blazing with the light given off by the dinoflagellates.  There have been manatees and even an occasional alligator (no worries, he’s been well fed and does not pose any issues).  Light rain is a welcome treat as the raindrops make the water sparkle.

Sometimes, we get really lucky and NASA will have a night launch scheduled from the Kennedy Space Center.  Since our paddle is just a few miles from the actual launch pad we get to see a rocket launch from just about as close as anyone can.

This is a night-time paddle, and while suitable for everyone, does require an adventurous mindset.  The tour last at least two and half-hours.

A special note about bio-luminescence and photography.  Everyone wants to try and capture this experience on film (or its digital equivalent). But the conditions make it hard to take pictures that do justice to the amazing event you are about to witness.  We don’t discourage you from trying, but highly suggest you just sit back and enjoy the adventure.  Remember we run this tour all season. So come back as often as you want, and bring your family and friends!

What to bring, what’s provided

What’s provided:  Kayak, personal floatation device (PFD), paddle, drinking water, and chemical lights.

What to bring:  bug spray of your choosing, beverages (other than water (please note: no alcohol during the tour)), shoes and clothing you don’t mind getting wet.


2 1/2 Hour Tours Friday – Sunday 8 pm – 10:30 pm
(Weather Permitting)

4 reviews for Bio-luminescence Kayaking Tours

  1. Jackie Surguy

    First time Kayaking. The owner and his guides were very patient and knowledgeable. We had a small group which made it very personal and private. The night we went,the bioluminescence wasn’t very active due to nature’s elements. But our guides done their best in finding some,to give us the best possible first time experience.
    Thank you so much!!! You are awesome!!!!

  2. Tommy Williams

    My wife purchased the trip as a birthday present for me. We went on August 11th 2018. The night started out with a rain storm earlier that evening but cleared by the time we started the tour.
    Tom was our guide with the tour and gave us a wonderful experience. Tom and his assistant were very knowledgeable, fun and polite. The tour was with a total of 8 kayaks which was a perfect sized group. We did see some bioluminescence on the way out, but it really intensified on the way back in. The night was a fantastic experience for both my wife and me. I would highly recommend Tom and his crew to take this tour with.
    As an added bonus, later that night was a space launch at 3:31am which we stayed to watch. Another first time experience….

    Thank you Tom for a great trip.

  3. Suzette Montalvo

    The bioluminescent was awesome and amazing, he knew right where to take us so we got to enjoy it pretty much the entire tour. Our guide was Tom the owner and he was wonderful. I truly can’t say enough about how wonderful he made the experience. It was very private and personal only us that night. He was extremely knowledgeable, patient and vigilant. It was our first time kayaking and I’m glad we choose Tom , I’m sure the experience would have been totally different if we had gone elsewhere. I will recommend him to everyone who asks and will do all my tours with him, Tom you just earned a loyal client for life. Thank you for such an awesome experience.

  4. Andrea Smith

    9/22/18 Kayaking the bioluminescent waters was great! An experience we will never forget. Tom was a great tour guide. Very pleasant, patient and very knowledgeable. I will recommend this tour to anyone seeking a great adventure and experience!!

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